Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mexico had its own "Roswell" crash (video)

() Author Noe Torres gives a general summary of an amazing case of ETs over the Texas Gulf Coast into Mexican airspace 40 miles south of Brownsville and crashing to Earth in 1974 as heard on "Eyes to the Sky" with host Dee Andrew, recorded July 26, 2008.

Coast to Coast March 3, 2008

Secret UN Meetings
First, Exopolitics pioneer Michael Salla present information about secret UN meetings on UFOs. A French aviation expert revealed to him that the meetings were held over a three-day period in February 2008 to discuss a confidential report regarding the societal impact of UFOs or "exopolitics."

San Augustin UFO Crash
UFO historian Art Campbell details a UFO crash on the Plains of San Augustin, New Mexico. It reportedly occurred the same time as the Roswell Incident on July 1947. Both episodes were likely due to the same air collision, he explains, noting that San Augustin is 165 miles west of Roswell.

The discoverer of the crashed extraterrestrial object was an engineer named Barney Barnett. While at the site, he ran into an archeological team that later denied they were there, Campbell recounts. Barnett described seeing a disc-shaped craft that was 25-30 feet in diameter and split on the side.

Dislodged from the vehicle were three or four bodies. In what was perhaps the first description of alien "Greys," he described seeing hairless 3½-4 foot beings in grey jumpsuits with oddly set eyes. Barnett initially thought they might be connected with the atomic energy field before realizing they were "not of this Earth."

Campbell, investigating the site beginning in 1994, collected interesting evidence including a biomorphic object he dubbed "the artifact," which later testing revealed to be made out of high-density polyethylene. He also found curious tiny shoe soles which might have been worn by the ETs.

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