Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lost Sutras of the Taoist-Buddhist Jesus

The story of religion throughout the Near East comes from the ancient Sumerians (near Mt. Sumeru) and the Annunaki or "those who came from the space."

Meet the Taoist/Buddhist Jesus
Interview by Laura Sheahen (
Thomas Moore talks about the remarkable scrolls that retell the Christian Gospels from a Buddhist/Taoist perspective.

A treasure trove of ancient scrolls, buried more than a thousand years ago in China, were unearthed in the early 1900s but went untranslated until their 1998 rediscovery in a Taoist monastery. The scrolls, which retell the teachings of Jesus through a Taoist and Buddhist lens, are the subject of a new book by bestselling author Thomas Moore and coauthor Ray Riegert. Beliefnet interviewed Moore on the meaning of the Lost Sutras of Jesus.

What are they?
They're a group of teachings that go back centuries. A group of Christian monks left Persia [modern Iran] to enter China in the year 635 and established a small Christian [monastic] community inside China. The people at first welcomed them very warmly and were very interested in what they had to say about religion. In fact, the local people called this new religion "the Luminous Religion." The people wrote some of the teachings and stories down, and as they did that, they mixed them with their own Buddhist and Taoist ideas. Some of the writings are very close to the gospel stories. More

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