Friday, May 18, 2012

The Buddha's Enlightenment Day

Ven. Dr. Karunananda;;  Wisdom Quarterly (REPORTING)

LOS ANGELES, California - The only Indian Buddhist temple in LA held its Vesak celebration commemorating the Bodhisattva's Great Enlightenment.

But a Bangladeshi-American's temple ceremony in the coastal city of Long Beach with many Cambodian Buddhists is a relatively minor affair. This Saturday, May 19th, LA's oldest Theravada temple will celebrate the threefold sacred day.

The Buddha was born on the full moon day in May (Vesak); 35 years later he gained full enlightenment; 45 years after that he passed into final nirvana.

The Theravada school, Buddhism's oldest extant tradition, celebrates  according to the ancient texts, which state that these extraordinary events took place on the same day of the year.

The event is open to all on the corner of Mountain and Summit Avenues in the city of Pasadena between Fair Oaks and Lake Ave. Free island delicacies from Sri Lanka, parade, Dharma discussions, socializing, and cultural show.

Festivities begin at 8:30 am (earlier if one wishes to wear white and observe the Eight Precepts for the day) and goes until 6:00 pm.

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