Friday, May 18, 2012

Facebook spying ring enters IPO phase

Wisdom Quarterly (EDITORIAL)

The government-sponsored privacy remover "Facebook," even as it experiences a decline in popularity and new memberships and its IPO seems to be tanking due to its overpricing -- is going pubic. It will remain private because its fully controlled Karzai-like leader Zuckerberg is more puppet genius than maverick entrepreneur. The CIA is facing a payday as the Company's initial public offering rocks Wall Street is delayed by a half hour, went up only 2 cents, "popped" 11% (to $42), then predictably went back down to $38 dollars within an hour. The reason it did not fall below that is because its underwriter banks are hired and paid to prop it up, which will go on for at least a week.  The Company has only had six years to co-opt this Internet spying apparatus. Zuckerberg is like Obama in that both represent a corporation as its face, its voice, its utterly scripted legally-entitled "decision-maker."

Police State arrives via 1984 "Telescreens"

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