Wednesday, May 30, 2012

O, "Amercia"! Romney nominated

Wisdom Quarterly (EDITORIAL)
Romney's latest conservative controversy: His campaign can't spell America.

Does America want Willard "Mittens" Romney? It won't be our choice. The selection committee does not give much weight to elections, which are a sufficient distraction.

We may get the fleshy embodiment of the angel Maroni (trying to channel through mendacious "Mitt Romney") whether citizens want him or not.
He's a back up Obama double in case Hillary refuses the job (contrary to more recent predictions) and the current orator does not continue to do such a great job of selling out the country and the civil liberties we have taken for granted.
The fix is in for a Mormon candidate. Why not? He's meant to run, not to win. Nixon was a Quaker, JFK a Catholic, and we have had assorted Satanists and other uber-patriotic deceivers. Is Romney any different?

The American voter, scared into tolerating Obama, wanted Ron Paul. So that option was taken off the table with the active participation of the mainstream media.

Running unopposed in half the primaries, it still took Romney this long to gather up enough votes just to run against a candidate many, like Romney's buddy and fellow vulture capitalist Donald Trump, swear is a Kenyan. (It's true but that does not disqualify B.S. Obama from being "president" of the Corporation of the United States, which is what he is. Whether or not his birth certificate was faked for him, a better indicator is his fake Social Security number).

Even Romney's 250 million dollar personal fortune, bled from his adventures in vulture capitalism, couldn't make him any more popular. Now will his latest failed campaign help his image any -- "A Better Amercia"? It's AmerICa, Mittens. Tell the Web lackeys that spell check is not optional.

It is well known that Romney will say anything to anyone at anytime -- Please like me -- but the question is, Will he keep the wars going? As a capitalist he should be easy to persuade by the movers and shakers at the military-industrial complex.

News of the Strange
Astrologers say celestial charts favor Obama over Romney
Obama will win re-election to the U.S. presidency in November, according to five astrologers who offered predictions at their convention. — Reuters

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Mediterranean's Deepest Rome-Era Shipwrecks Found
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The Harappan civilization [of India] once extended across the plains of the Indus River from the Arabian Sea to the Ganges.
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Has the "soul" [or nonphysical components collectively] you were born with been removed and replaced by a more advanced soul with a mission we can only dimly comprehend?
James Webb telescope's Miri instrument flies out to US

The telescope, a successor to Hubble, aims to track down the very first stars to shine in the Universe.
Memorial Day: How It's Changed, Why Some Oppose 3-Day Weekend

A look at how the meaning of Memorial Day has been obscured in recent years and how lawmakers are trying to change that.
Wild Britain

Nick Redfern discusses the coypu, a large rodent that overran England in the 1960's.

UFOnauts: Many Shapes, Sizes, and Colors
Tony Morrill details the various depictions of ETs reported in famous UFO cases over the years.

German teen solves 300-year-old mathematical riddle posed by Sir Isaac Newton
Teenager deciphers 17th century query that had, up to now, baffled mathematicians.
TV crew capture audio they believe proves existence of yowies
A US television crew has recorded what it believes is compelling audio evidence of the existence of yowies [Bigfoot].
NASA releases "beautiful" images of the sun
NASA scientists have released new images of the sun with augmented colors that highlight activity on the surface of the star.
Widen the goal in the search for alien life
We need to cast off our biological blinkers in the search for life beyond Earth and turn to physics, says cosmologist Charley Lineweaver. — New Scientist
Quake reveals say of Jesus' crucifixion
It's been debated for years, but researchers say they now have a definitive date of the crucifixion. — Discovery News
Neil Armstrong grants rare interview
"I know someone will fly back and pick up the camera I left there," Armstrong responds to conspiracy theorist claims he didn't walk on moon.
"Cloaking" idea traps a rainbow
Researchers have trapped a rainbow -- slowing light to a near-stop -- in an array of 25,000 "invisibility cloaks," each smaller than a hair's breadth.
How to make a material that shrinks when stretched
New metamaterials that shrink under tension and expand under compression might soon become a reality thanks to theoretical work done by scientists in the US. —
VIDEO: Spectacular clock goes on display

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