Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mayan Calendar bombshell: dates changed

Rob Waugh, (May 11, 2012); Wisdom Quarterly
The Aztec Calendar has grown more famous than the Mayan. They are loosely related but the Aztec came much later. The Mayan Calendars, of which there are 20+, vary and serve different purposes. The long count marks the end of ages not the end of the world.
The Mayans reveal their darkest mysteries: New excavation reveals secrets of their calendar -- including [men in black] figures and symbols never seen before.
  • Wall covered in calculations relating to Mayan calendar
  • Line-up of men in black uniforms
  • Astrological calculations not fully understood
  • Dates seem to stretch 7,000 years into FUTURE
  • Contradicts "doomsday" predictions about 2012
  • First paintings found on walls in Mayan dwellings
  • Huge city in Guatemala finally reveals its secrets
Angelyn Bass works wall dating back 1,200 years
A vast city built by the ancient Mayan civilization [which existed in Mesoamerica over many modern Latin American countries] and discovered nearly a century ago in modern-day Guatemala is finally starting to yield its secrets -- including a hint that apocalyptic predictions around the "end" of the Mayan Calendar may be wrong.
Excavating for the first time in the sprawling complex of Xultzn in Guatemala's Peten region, archaeologists have uncovered a structure that contains what appears to be a work space for the town's scribe.

Its walls are adorned with unique paintings -- one depicting a line-up of men in black uniforms and hundreds of scrawled numbers -- many calculations relating to the Mayan calendar and stretching up to 7,000 years into the future. More plus video


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