Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Angry Birds," "The Angry Buddhist" (audio)

Madeleine Brand, Seth Greenland, (; Wisdom Quarterly
"Angry Birds may be the closest to Buddhism that many of us ever get" (

What does a "Buddhist" have to be angry about? Politics? Lesbian affairs? "Hello Kitty" tattoos? Murder? The declining habit of pleasure reading and corresponding drop in book sales?
This year's election season is already proving to be full of drama and fireworks. But it doesn't measure up to the political drama in Seth Greenland's forthcoming novel, The Angry Buddhist.
The book takes place in the days leading up to a November election, where the incumbent under fire -- a slimy congressman -- is in a battle against a sexy, Sarah Palin-esque challenger. There's in-fighting, sexual affairs, and even a murder.

But, interestingly, the author is actually quite knowledgeable about Buddhism. It is not merely a gimmick to draw in readers. Set in trendy Palm Springs, near Coachella, in Southern California.

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