Friday, May 25, 2012

Original: The REAL Men in Black (trailer)

Wisdom Quarterly; Nick Redfern interview with George Noory on
Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones continue the series with MIB III. A great deal of truth is blended with comedic fiction. Film writers have to take their inspiration from somewhere: Why not the military-industrial complex (MIC) and its defectors, whistle blowers, and first hand witnesses? If the story is told as nonfiction, we scream "Conspiracy theory!" and dismiss the claims out of hand. But when presented as fiction, whether comedic or dramatic, we suspend disbelief long enough to begin to understand the larger picture. Unfortunately, this allows for the introduction of disinformation and PsyOps. But that is why the mind needs to remain open rather than the eyes and ears closed.

() Nick Redfern on MIB phenomena June 22, 2011 (C2C)

MIB: more than the Military-Industrial Complex
Investigator and author Nick Redfern (blog) explains the complexity, pointing out that the movie only plays up one angle: MIB are secretive government agents. There are no doubt such agents who conceal the truth about UFOs, the occult, paranormal and supernatural events, forbidden archeology, Bigfoot, ghosts, technology, time travel, psychic anomalies, and advanced weaponry (particularly in space, in the Earth, and war crime activities on the surface. But that in no way begins to account for the entire mystery that encompasses extraterrestrial and time traveling elements.

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