Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ask a Brahmin: Sunday's Solar Eclipse

Best star-gazing spots in the U.S.
(Yahoo) Readers share their favorite locations to enjoy the heavenly views, including this weekend’s solar eclipse.
Swami Adrish Ananda, Wisdom Quarterly
Q: When Rahu swallows Surya [when the Sun is eclipsed], what should people do?
A: Don't look at it. Don't eat at that time. Be indoors. Do not engage in any activity.

That sounds like the traditional advice of the Native American Navajos, as reported by NPR:
Of course, "Indians" of the East are those of the West divided by millenia and geography but united by cultural and genetic artifacts. Why did the Vedas or seers (rishis) say to do this?

The Sun is very important. It is a portal. Energy comes through it. Celestial events are not what they seem to us. The akasha devas (space-faring shining ones) understood those energies. They showed the rishis. Science today does not yet understand what was taught to the ancients.

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