Friday, August 3, 2012

Enlightened Daniel Ingram speaks (video)

Daniel Ingram; ; Wisdom Quarterly
In Part 1, Ingram discusses:
    • the impetus for the practical or hardcore Dharma movement
    • how the emphasis on open discussion of practice distinguishes the movement from other Dharma movements
    • the history of Western Dharma, the interaction of Western Dharma with consumer demand, and how this interaction has led to the current state of Western Dharma
    • how the Western Dharma movement might be restructured into a pyramidal model with a full acknowledgement of higher states and stages, using the education system as an analogy
    • the difference between using meditation to skillfully handle difficult situations as they come up and using meditation to permanently rewire the brain so these situations are never an issue, and how this distinction relates to confusion over the goals of meditation in mindfulness-based interventions
    • the first two stages of insight, mind and body as well as cause and effect
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