Monday, August 13, 2012

"Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage"?

Sony has launched an eponymous blogging contest to promote its new TV serial. It is promoting it in association with Indiblogger, an Indian blogger community.
A brief introduction to the show's concept is that two best friends want a happy marriage but are on opposite sides of the love/arranged marriage debate.

Bloggers have been invited to share their side of the debate with absolutely cool incentives thrown in. There are three Amazon Kindle Fires, five Amazon Kindles, and 35 shopping vouchers to be won in addition to every participant winning a gift package from the channel.
As with all blogging contests on Indiblogger, a debate has already begun in the forum. Votes do not matter; creativity and originality are the only two factors to be judge. There is a rule that stories should have a link to the show's Facebook page, which is a recent trend in blogging contests at Indiblogger. More

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