Friday, August 3, 2012

"Angel Wars" (audio interview)

Space visitors (akasha devas) influencing Earth
() Guest host John B. Wells muddles through a classic Stephen Quayle interview (7-7-11). Quayle is an unapologetic Christian filtering his understanding through the teachings of St. Issa and ancient Jewish lore. Even if the filter and assumptions around it are wrong, there is much to be said for his core message.

A year ago Coast to Coast welcomed author and researcher Steve Quayle, author of Angel Wars, who discussed the secret forces aligned with some humans against humanity since ancient times and how genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics are permanently changing the world.
"In every single country of the world," Quayle explains, "there are legends which tell of entities who come to Earth not only bestowing their secrets upon humans but also going to war with mankind." 
Quayle states emphatically that this topic is "too formidable a subject to ignore in any way, shape, or form."

He traces the root of this ongoing battle to be a "supernatural, evil hierarchy" using misguided humans to corrupt the tribal Judeo-Christian God's work on Earth. These human agents of Satan [the Christian super-Mara, an embodiment of all evil] believe they will be given greater power by yielding their freewill to malevolent forces.
However, Quayle warns, "that power they yield to will ultimately consume and destroy them." He points to transhumanism as one key aspect of this agenda: "The goal is not to help humanity be all we can be," he laments. Instead, Quayle contends that the aim is to create a race of quasi-gods who will supplant the human race as we know it. 
"If anything, the old-style human beings will be an irritation or reminder of what the transhumanists once were."
Quayle also revealed this bombshell: The current economic crisis is actually being orchestrated as a tool to advance this destructive agenda. Sinister power brokers are "throwing the world into a global economic meltdown in order to bring about the New World Order..."
The unrest in the Middle East, ongoing "weather wars" [as seen recently with the attack on Beijing, which got six months worth of rain in one day], and the increasingly obvious police state in America are additional facets of this spiritual battle that encompasses political, social, and economic arenas.
Quayle is "not a prophet" (with a secret means of communication with a creator god), so he is reticent to predict how things will unfold. But he does have theories. For example, the much-discussed end of the world Mayan Calendar date of December 21st, 2012 might be a target date to "launch their world program."

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