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"Fifty Shades of Grey" is HOT (cartoon)

"Peterotica" (Family Guy);; Wisdom Quarterly
Peter-Erotica fan: "Your prose suggests a male, working-class version of Emily Bronte."

It's mediocre, juvenile, with boring sex
Vanessa Allen, The Daily Mail
Better selling than Harry Potter, almost as hot
It may be the fastest selling paperback in history, but Fifty Shades of Grey is condemned as "mediocre and juvenile" by a leading novelist.

The verdict was delivered by Barbara Taylor Bradford, the doyenne of women’s fiction whose 27 novels have sold 88 million copies worldwide.

The author of A Woman of Substance said she was left "a little disappointed and confused" after reading the so-called "mommy porn" book.

Worse still, she described the novel’s much-hyped sex and bondage scenes as "a little repetitive, even boring -- and that’s despite all the sex toys."
The Fifty Shades trilogy has sold more than four million copies on Amazon’s British site alone since it went on sale in March, out-performing Harry Potter.

The books center on a university student, Anastasia Steele, and her introduction to kinky bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, and sado-masochism (BDSM) at the hands of her billionaire older lover.

Working-class Peterotica by Peter Griffin as read by icon Betty White (Pewtershmidt Publ.)

The trilogy was dubbed "mommy porn" because of its soaring popularity among women in their 30s and 40s and celebrity fans that include Victoria Beckham and television presenter Amanda Holden.

Submission in exchange for being taken care of?
But Mrs. Taylor Bradford told The Lady magazine: "I can’t really see what all the fuss is about. Yes, it’s rather racy. There’s even a pair of handcuffs. But as an author in my 70s, I can’t help but think it’s rather mediocre. Juvenile even."

The 79-year-old added: "In fact, while I’ve never indulged in, ahem, bondage myself, I did expect a little more of it in the book. It is, after all, what most of the kerfuffle has been about."

She said she found the DH Lawrence classic Lady Chatterley’s Lover and Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer more erotic and better written. More
As erotica I missed my chance for a big finish just like the Kool Aid Guy

Mommy porn author speaks

(20/20, ) Part 1: E.L. James reveals the surprising research behind her mega hit erotic novel trilogy and soon to be Hollywood exploitation catastrophe -- even worse than the cinematic presentation of Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts. "E.L. James writes like a Bronte devoid of talent," the hostess reads the criticism to the author, perhaps referencing Peter Griffin's working-class stab at erotic fiction: "Dull and poorly written," "S and M for Dummies," "A sad joke, puny of plot," "For what it's worth, Fifty Shades of Grey is pornography plain and simple." But in the New York Times review of books, in the electronic-book section, the top three titles were James' works. So let us see. What's all the fuss?
Selected readings by famous voice actors
WARNING: Rated XXX (NC-17), graphic language, sexual situations!

Ellen DeGeneris read: Sanitized for viewers protection
Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis role play to 50 Shades of Grey

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