Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Summer of Naked Bath Salt "Zombies"

Examiner.com; Wisdom Quarterly
Going to extremes: results from tanning spray vs. bath salt abuse (examiner.com)
The summer of naked bath salts-induced attacks continues apace. The latest abuser of the powerful hallucinogen was a brand-new mother in Altoona, Pennsylvania, who couldn’t wait until she had left the maternity ward to smoke a dose, strip naked, and embark on a violent rampage. The Altoona Mirror reports that on June 17th, two days after giving birth, 31-year-old Carla Murphy (shown above at right) was found by a nurse rolling around on a shower floor naked and confused. When roused, Murphy sprung into frenetic action, taking off down the hall, screaming profanities, and kicking and punching whoever crossed her path. Hospital medical personnel were able to restrain her long enough to administer the anti-psychotic drug Haldol. More


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