Thursday, August 16, 2012

Who are the "Buddhists from space"?

Dharmacharis Seven and Amber Dorrian, Wisdom Quarterly
The Buddha under, on, above Mt. Sumeru, Axis Mundi, with humans at base (michielkauwatjoecom).
 Cave art: sky devas (Jasspierxia)
Who are the "space aliens" (akasha-loka devas) and how could they be Buddhist? As funny as it may sound, there are Buddhists in space. 
"Space" (Sanskrit, akasha) refers to the infinite sky. Beings coming from, patrolling, or living in the sky are referred to as akasha devas -- literally, "space shining ones."
Not all are devas proper, but it is a general term for superior and longer lived beings. (These are the gods, godlings, and demigods described in religious lore East and West, from pre-Hindu to pre-Christian, in ancient India, Rome, Greece, Egypt, Sumer, and throughout the Near East).
There are also asuras (titans), yakkhas (ogres of a furry bipedal nature), nagas (reptilians), and brahmas (powerful creative beings that have transcended sex). One class of beings who reside two levels up in the space worlds (lokas) above Earth are the subjects of Sakka, Ruler of the Devas. Which devas? Only the limited number in Tavatimsa, the world of the 33 "lords" or rulers of that space plane.
His "star command" is good and wishes to benefit humans and the perpetuation of the Buddha's Dharma (path to liberation).
He frequently visited the Buddha in his vimana (UFO, space chariot) with his driver and is said to have become a stream enterer, having entered upon the first stage of enlightenment by hearing the Buddha's teaching. There are inimical forces however. And Sakka is said to have asked lesser "angelic" (subordinate space rulers from the four quarters of the sky) messenger beings (devas and gandharvas) to keep an eye on human progress particularly in the arena of virtue.
It is said that these "Four Great Kings" (catu-maha-rajikas), who regard Sakka as their king making him "King of Kings," patrol our skies and monitor humanity in that respect apparently with devices that read the heart/mind of humans.
These devas or "space aliens," it should be noted, are not hideous reptoids, little green men, or monsters. They are Nordic aliens who mated with humans and thereby enhanced our physical symmetry, beauty, and intelligence as is recorded by countless cultures and spiritual traditions.
While all this may seem like utterly ridiculous "mythology," East and West, Wisdom Quarterly tries to keep abreast of actual UFO research, leaks, and discoveries to show how far from the mark we have strayed from what is real and what the modern mainstream media would have us believe.
It is only natural that one would doubt and dismiss any talk of angels, aliens, giants, and virtue. And that would be fine if we did not then fail to investigate. After all, the truth is much stranger than our fiction.

Buddhist depiction of deva/"angel (Swanksalot)

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