Thursday, August 9, 2012

Social strife in US, UK, and MX (video)

Wisdom Quarterly; Plan B; Mexican Institute of Sound;; Occupy LA
Plan B's "Ill Manors" (translation: "bad ghetto housing projects") illustrates that England's problems are rooted in class warfare. Socioeconomic status trumps race as a cause of social strife. The US masks our class warfare as a correlated racial issue.

Sikh vigil, Madison, WI (LAH)
The post-racist organization and magazine "Life After Hate: A Journal of Basic Human Goodness" shares the pain of the Sikh Community after the tragic violence in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. LAH outreach Kindness Not Weakness is honored to bring Wisconsin Wars B-Boy/Breakdance Battle, a statewide tournament celebrating B-Boys and B-Girls and the healthy challenge they engage with. Support this magnificent example of diversity, inclusion, and fearless creative expression! More

Police attack Occupy Movement for chalking
Police state to crack down on Occupy Art Walk
Art Walk chalk protests, using the concrete jungle that is downtown Los Angeles, are being given a chance to usse a wall with LAPD provided chalk. This is in marked contrast to last month's Art Walk that was met with arrests and beatings. What is the crime? Chalk is messy and requires precious water to rinse off, so naturally Special Weapons And Tactical (SWAT) forces have to be deployed to tamp it down. Otherwise, who knows, Occupy activists might get carried away and start playing unauthorized games of hopscotch. Public order and what Shephard Fairy calls "obedience" must be maintained at all costs even if civil liberties are exchanged for the veneer of "security."
Mexican Institute of Sound's Mexico illustrates that its problems are rooted in the false US "war on drugs," a hypocritical campaign aimed at arresting and imprisoning racial minorities while simultaneously militarizing civilian police agencies and destroying neighboring Mexico from the inside out by increasing demand while pretending to exhaust all avenues to reduce it.
NPR "Alt Latino" (Latin alternative) music blog 
Ranchera accordions. Romantic boleros. Maybe some sweet cumbias. Those sounds spring immediately to mind when discussing Mexican music. But Mexico is a playground for musicians of all genres and backgrounds. Dig a little deeper and you'll find sensual son jarocho stylings alongside astounding rock 'n roll and heart-accelerating electronica. Every week on the Alt.Latino podcast, co-hosts Jasmine Garsd and Felix Contreras explore the sounds of Latin America.
    (July 13, 2012) Occupy Movement LA Chalk Walk 1

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