Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What happened to Republocrats? (comedy)

Wisdom Quarterly (ANALYSIS); JimmyDoreComedy.com
"Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others" - Not Churchill

What are R's about? Republicans for the 1%?
Libertarian turned Republican candidate Ron Paul may be on the right of our one-party system (Republocrats), a corporate-ruled party split into two right wings. Obama is in one wing, Paul would be in the other. But instead the Powers That Be have selected B.S. Obama to go again. Hillary Clinton stands a better chance of ascending to the Oval Office than Paul Ryan and Mittens Rmoney, who continues to suffer from severe bouts of Foot-in-Mouth disease, according to political psychic Sean David Morton. "But Hillary's not running," you say? It would not take much to install her in an "emergency" at the height of her popularity.

Meanwhile, accusations of "racism" continue to dog Ron Paul for years of racist rants that appeared in his newsletter, which he claims he did not read. VP candidate Paul Ryan, who according to Romney's introduction will be the next "president of the United States," is getting much more press. Will Ron Paul still crash the Republican convention? One can only hope. Will all the live ammo the police state has purchased to deploy at both Democratic and Republican national conventions be used? One can only hope not.
(But even the National Weather Service is buying hollow point bullets to militarize as many federal agencies as possible before "the troubles" begin and America is transformed into an Orwellian experiment). Would Ron Paul have slowed the pace of that transformation? How if Obama is full steam ahead on any and everything the George Bushes and Dick Cheney planned for decades in advance?

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