Monday, August 6, 2012

Images of Compassion (NVC)

Wisdom Quarterly;
Joint Vesak celebration 2011, Los Angeles (A. Wells/Wisdom Quarterly)
The "Compassion Course" is based on over 24 years of experience as a writer and trainer -- with the last 11 spent studying, living, and teaching nonviolent communication (NVC).
Imagine this work open and available to everyone. There are no time or money constraints.
This year, 2012, marks the second time the course is offered. The 2011 Compassion Course (just ended) had over 500 participants from every continent. It has been a resounding success (check out the quotes below).
As a global community there is a Yahoo! group that connects us daily. There are also monthly conference calls to further expand our connection and learning. Weekly emails with course concepts, stories, and practical applications of the material that empower us to be more compassionate are share. We increase our well-being, passion, and drive with lessons that teach ways of thinking, speaking, and acting (the three modes of generating karma) to allow conflict without harming others. More

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