Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rebirth, Hypno Dog, Breasts, Anthem (video)

Wisdom Quarterly

Watch "My Reincarnation" on PBS. See more from POV.  
  • My Reincarnation: What does "mandala" mean?
    In deleted scenes, watch Chögyal Namkhai Norbu swim in Baja, California, and explore the library at the University of Naples, where he teaches. ... Also learn about Tibetan Buddhism from A to Z and get a crash course in the vocabulary and beliefs of Vajrayana.

    "If he tries to hypnotize me, I won't let him!"
    () Oscar is a 10-year-old Lab, but he's no ordinary animal companion. He has hypnotized thousands of people across Britain. Hugh Lennon and Oscar toured around the country confounding skeptics and sending volunteers into a deep sleep. Just one look into the deep brown pools that are Oscar's eyes, and participants go under. Lennon attributes this talent to a special stare. Even when he was a puppy, Lennon noticed Oscar sitting and staring at him while other dogs in the litter ran around. Dogs are well known for their ability to sense things about people and put them at ease. They are often used in hospitals to lift the spirits of the sick and calm the nervous. Oscar uses his huge eyes to relax people as they are hypnotized. And this sort of behavior isn't restricted to the stage. Animals in the wild are known to hypnotize other creatures with a threatening glance. Lions make their prey feel vulnerable with a hypnotic stare. The mongoose is known to hypnotize snakes.
    • Storyteller produces factual programming on animals, nature, saving endangered species, cryptoids, and monster stories.
    "Evil" surfaces again in the name of a cruel (but funny) prank. 
      Vegan Being (Vegan World Radio)
      "Curiosity" on Mars to conceal Martian life
      Baring Breasts for freedom in NYC
      (HuffPost) When most people see Moira Johnston walking through the streets of New York, they probably aren't thinking "freedom fighter," they're thinking, "That woman's topless." But to Johnston, politics and breasts go hand in hand -- although, truth be told, one is more preferable to actually hold. The 29-year-old topless dancer from Philadelphia may be baring her breasts for money at night, but during daylight hours, she lets people view them free of charge in order to make a point about true equality. More

      The American anthem with Harper Gruzin: ABC News investigates

      Dr. Gary Null, maverick healer, researcher, and truth teller, comes to L.A.
      (LA New Folk Festival)
      Mountain lion kittens found near Malibu
      (Ashley Bailey Biologists with the National Park Service are tracking two mountain lion kittens they found a couple weeks ago in the mountains near Malibu. More
      “God particle” sheds no new light on love
      (Lionel Rolfe, PW) Now that scientists have found the “God particle,” maybe it’s time to solve the far lesser but still deserving and perplexing questions of existence. Perhaps it’s not exactly parallel, because the discovery of the God particle answers more about how the universe came into existence than the far more tangential question of how life was born. More
      Men: We don't know what we did!

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