Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pursuing Joy with Gratitude (video)

Wisdom Quarterly
Did the Buddha ever say, "You have no cause for anything but gratitude and joy"? Not that we know of, but he could have. It is certainly in line with the Dharma. A grateful heart/mind is aligned with reality, and joy is the radiant result.

How does one reach a state of meditative gratitude and bliss? George Quant, who for many years worked with Transcendental Meditation has now developed an even easier set of techniques he calls IQM ("Integrated Quantum Meditation"). His pedigree is remarkable, assuming he is not exaggerating and making more of how he came to develop it through progressive Western medical institutions not generally known for embracing Eastern spiritual wisdom.

George Quant begins at Minute 29:20

What is even more remarkable is that all Western teachers simply echo the words of Buddhist meditation masters when they suggest that "meditation" is not something one does. It is something one allows, something that happens, something one is experienced by -- if only we will persist on our non-quest to escape to reality. The quest is to find oneself, to find the Truth, to find happiness and freedom for all.

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