Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Israel jonesing for war with Iran

BBC News (; Wisdom Quarterly (ironically) Q: Why do wars happen?
"Rahm was right. You look cute when you cooperate." - "Hey, you're not so bad yourself."
"Bibi, I can back you better than Barry can."
Israel's outgoing home front defense minister says an attack on Iran would likely [only] trigger a month-long conflict that would leave [only] 500 Israelis dead.
[This would, of course, be in addition to countless civilian casualties, mere "collateral damage," and thousands of evil jihadi Islamist Iranian terrorists intent on threatening Israeli rule in the geopolitical Middle East. Happy reports like this leave Israel/US jonesing for war and more war].
Matan Vilnai told the Maariv newspaper that the fighting would be "on several fronts," with hundreds of missiles fired at Israeli towns and cities [in a desperate attempt to engage in asymmetrical warfare with a nuclear armed aggressor, Israel, and its superpower ally, the USA].
Israel was prepared, he said, though strikes on Iran's nuclear facilities had to be co-ordinated with the US [of course. Israel does nothing without orders or tacit approval from the USA/CIA/MIC].
Israeli-Palestinian peace dove (Avi Katz)
Meanwhile, a US blogger has published what he says are Israel's attack plans: Richard Silverstein (Tikun Olam blog) told the BBC he had been given an internal briefing memo for Israel's eight-member security cabinet, which outlined what the Israeli military would do to prevent Iran developing nuclear weapons.
Tehran insists its nuclear program is entirely peaceful [But they can show the evidence to Saddam Hussein in Hades for all the international courts have in terms of an ability or eagerness to intervene].
"Oh, great god of Kolob, you know my heart. This is for the greater glory of our faith."

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