Monday, August 6, 2012

Another MC attacks Sikh temple in US

UPDATED 8/8; Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, Dhr. Seven, Wisdom Quarterly (ANALYSIS)
Guru Nanak and nine other famous Sikh teachers. (Dev and ji are simply Indian honorifics).
OAK CREEK, Wisconsin - Well that didn't take long. Two weeks ago horrified Americans were shouting "Never again," and we were adding, "until the next time." Another Manchurian Candidate (MC) has been loosed upon civil society to create random mayhem and sow the seeds of fear.
Successful PsyOps candidate Page
Islamophobia figures into it, just as it did in Norway, because the first person shooter (whom police claim to have executed or "put down" when it seems, in fact, he followed his programming and committed suicide) was a white supremacist. He, Wade Michael Page, was also a military man with a checkered past that makes ordinary who would not be expected to have moved up the ranks if he were simply an enlisted man. And what did he do for the military-industrial complex (MIC)? PsyOps!

Now PsyOps (the propaganda arm of the MIC that runs black projects under the general heading of "psychological operations") must be getting pretty sloppy. Two weeks ago their MC was triggered to attack, that is, to methodically launch a finely tuned plan with no emotion, no thought, and very little if anything to remember.
Holmes medicated into silence
Once in custody the MC is chemically lobotomized to prevent any uncomfortable memories from creeping in and leaking to the public. It happened to wild-eyed Jared Loughner (who is "pleading guilty" while medicated out of his mind), the Gabby Gifford shooter, and James "the Joker" Holmes, the Aurora gunman.

Why do these things happen?
Why would anyone attack Sikhs (pronounced sEEks, not sICks), a small religion popular in India with many financially successful adherents, which seems to blend cultural elements of Hinduism and Sufism (mystic Islam). Kundalini Yoga as brought to America by the charismatic "Yogi Tea" magnate Yogi Bhajan is not "yoga" in the traditional Brahminical sense. Rather, it is a Sikh creation that has become very popular in the US thanks to female American converts like Gurmukh). Sikhism has, however, nothing to do with actual Islam. But appearances matter as much as assumptions: Turbans, uncut beards, white linen clothing -- it's all enough to earn them the pejorative "towel h*ads" and more disturbing militaristic ethnic slurs like Hajji, a term roughly equivalent to "gooks," employed by US soldiers committing war crimes during the US war on Vietnam. So was the hateful vocalist Page really out to avenge 9/11 or continue his military training as a civilian? Working in PsyOps it is more likely that he was hoisted by his own petard. He went from researcher to research subject without signing an informed consent release. The process of converting certain personality types, tested for by military psychiatrists, has been perfected since the idea of creating one or two man sleeper cells (along with their above top secret handlers) was born. The Russians apparently did it; the military-industrial complex does it. It is all part of "winning hearts and minds" (WHAM) by scaring up and inciting civilian support for US military atrocities. If draconian police state tactics are now suggested "for our security," who will oppose it? One must suppose that the NRA (National Rifle Association) will as well as both corporate wings of the Republican party (i.e., Obamas and Romneys). Gun control? Take guns out of the hands of scared citizens and put them in the hands of abusive police. This country does not grow richer every year manufacturing arms for the world by allowing greater regulations without a fight. In fact, any peace talk is actually thwarted rather than aided by US intervention, which coincidentally profits Democratic and Republican candidates' corporate supporters.

Gurmukh, owner of Golden Bridge Yoga in Hollywood, discusses friendship
Such events, then, pay off in many ways: the imposition of Orwellian regulations, loss of civil liberties, further encroachment of federal Big Brother style government into our lives, acceptance of endless war doctrine (fighting against tactics such as "terrorism" rather than finite countries), widespread panic, irrational fear-based behavior by citizenry (like increased gun sales to prevent more killings when guns can only attempt to do that by killing), xenophobia goes unremedied as "in" and "out" groups are further delineated, increased pharmaceutical sales (by citizens, shooters, police, military, and future candidates)... There is a great deal of money to be made because of fear, arms manufacturing being the most obvious. With that being the case, how can "peace" be tolerated?

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