Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chinese Gov't Wants You to be Catholic

It's hard to imagine the Dalai Lama or even Thomas Merton happy with these events.

Angry Cardinal Zen decries new loss for Church freedom in China
(CatholicCulture.org, Dec. 14, 2010)
The Chinese government has lost face. How? By preventing Liu Xiaobo from accepting his Nobel Prize, using force to bring about the Patriotic Assembly of Catholic Representatives, fraying the unity of the Catholic community in communion with Rome, writes Cardinal Joseph Zen.

In his analysis of the latest developments in China, Cardinal Zen angrily rejects the claim of noted Catholic Sinologist, Fr. Jerooom Heyndrickx that the Church is moving toward unity in China.

The government is merging the “official” and “underground” branches of Catholicism. The cardinal questions why the Vatican’s Congregation for Evangelization has not been more emphatic in denouncing Chinese abuses of religious liberty.

The Future Chinese Pope
Wisdom Quarterly (COMMENTARY)
This is perfect. The Godless, human-rights-abusing, Communist government of China wants Catholicism as its official religion.

Why would any government want it -- other than to have a time-tested way to control a population? The corporate offices of the Holy See (a.k.a. the Vatican) represent 1,000 years of corporate power and domination. It's an extremely rich secret society, a kind of country unto itself, with more and more followers paying tribute ($) to it from all over the world.

Who will the CIA install as the new Chinese pope? Probably Beijing's hand-picked Panchen Lama -- in the event co-opting Tibetan Buddhism doesn't work out.

The sun never sets on the Catholic Church. It's already the largest religion in the world. Add a billion Chinese subjects (including Tibetans, Uighurs, Genghis Khan Mongols, and countless mountain tribes), and what we'll get is what the Nazis and Mussolini always dreamed of having.

By its own admission, its governing body is a strict hierarchy, a religious monarchy, sometimes a bishop-driven oligarchy -- anything other than a democracy. It would sooner welcome anarchy (as it has seen around the loss of so much wealth from sex abuse allegations).

Well, so much for Axl Rose's "Chinese Democracy." Now it'll never be released. One can only hope the Chinese Catholic Church will be less tolerant of the "sexual indiscretions" (the child molesting) of its European and American counterparts. Like Southpark cartoonists suggest, the homosexual pedophilia does not seem to be a fluke: it seems to be part of the Catholic clergy's secret culture.

Catholicism was once a splendid contemplative tradition adopting the best practices of the mystical East, where sainthood is realized through samadhi. There are still remarkable individuals working inwardly in abbeys and outwardly in street-level missions doing much, much good and paying no attention to politics or the Pope's shenanigans. Its long list of contemplative luminaries include Theresa of Avila, St. Francis, St. Claire, Thomas Merton, Mother Teresa of India, and to a much lesser degree Peter's dad, the American-Catholic Everyman.

NOTE: We love Catholics. More than a few of us were born "Catholic." In fact, we love everyone sincerely committed to any religion (or committed to not having one, like our friends who post wise billboards). But the hypocrisy of the Vatican, its predatory clergy, and its geopolitical moves that have nothing to do with practicing according to faith, that we won't be silent on. We are all affected. And "religion" is a smokescreen used to divide us. If not here, where else would Buddhists and Catholics learn about the underlying motives of the Corporation that moves the world?

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