Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Largest Database on the Human Race

Why does it seem to be the mission and focus of the Mormon religion to collect information on genealogies? [It is as if they want Edgar Cayce's Akashic Records here on Earth.]

They have got a vault carved into the solid granite of a mountain 20 miles southeast of Salt Lake City, Utah. There they store information about the births, marriages, and deaths of over 2 billion people, the largest single database on the details of the human race in the world.

Buried 600 feet into the mountain, protected by two nine-ton and one 14-ton doors built to withstand a nuclear blast...with five billion documents stored on 1 ½ million rolls of microfilm and 1 ½ million microfiche, wtih 25,000 volunteers currently working to scan and index it all (beforeyoutakethatpill.com).

Why the secrecy? Why the vaults? What is the real mission of this organization?

Ancestry.com, a subscription-based service started by members of the LDS church, has 900,000 subscribers and is growing. In May 2007, they dumped the military records of all the soldiers who fought in all of the US wars, 90 million of them, online.

How did this organization get unrestricted access to census records?
Strange how the recent census did not ask for names yet all the previous census records put together the names with the data.

AboveTopSecret.com claims to have come across a comment in a document that one day a little known, obscure doctrine will be uncovered from the archives of the Mormon church in Salt Lake City which will reveal information regarding our previous lives in the First Estate. [This earthly present life is considered the Second Estate.] More>>

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