Saturday, December 18, 2010

The "Heavens" are full of Chariots of Fire

Church interiors depict otherworldly beings meddling on Earth (The Rabbit Burrow)

"Heaven" of course simply refers to our ceiling, cielo, sky, space, the above, the firmament, distant spheres (levels) of varying distances from Earth. And what the ancients called "chariots of fire" and "mounts" for the "gods" (devas and others) clearly imply spacecraft:

Although all of this is now considered mere "mythology," reports have not stopped. Stories are piling up of someone or something (plural) above the globe attempting to uplift, overtake, or otherwise involve itself in human affairs.

The entire record of life on the planet -- according to the histories kept by the world's religions -- has been this way. The official word from this government is that nothing is going on. But the amazing thing is that anybody would believe our government's word on anything.

In a tantalizing detail provided by Buddhist texts -- as if the almost nightly visits from radiant extraterrestrial beings (devas) the Buddha reported receiving* were not sufficient evidence -- there is a story of the Buddha and Nanda, his brother, visiting one of these worlds.
UFOs and Bigfoot Sightings related?
"The book focuses on a most startling series of mysterious events that occurred during 1973 into 1974, across a wide area of the Keystone state," Gordon said. "A lot of that activity, however, focused on our local region where many incidents were occurring in Westmoreland, Fayette, and Indiana County, and around the Pittsburgh region. There were hundreds of UFO sightings being reported." Also in the summer of 1973, an unprecedented rash of Bigfoot encounters started and continued for months. "In many instances myself or other members of my first investigation group, the Westmoreland County UFO Study Group, were at the scene within minutes to hours after a case was reported," Gordon said. "As the reports continued, many very unusual events were reported, among which were cases where a UFO and Bigfoot were seen at the same time and location." More>>

Such suspicions eventually gave rise to a study commissioned by the Soviet authorities in 1978 to research paranormal phenomena. The resulting documents allegedly make clear the seriousness with which the Soviet government treated the prospect of an alien invasion.

*"A deva whose splendor lit up the entire grove" is how these episodes are introduced in sutras. Many take this to mean angelic messengers (gandharvas) and godlings (akasha-devas) spontaneously appearing, Arrival by brilliant spacecraft are a more likely explanation consistent with the description. That angels are easier to believe in than space aliens is a testament to the disinformation campaign we have been subjected to.

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