Monday, December 27, 2010

UFOs are fun, so why the fear? (video)

No one says so, but those of us in the editing room at Wisdom Quarterly can't help but feel that people think UFOs are ridiculous. The PR campaign launched in the 1950s has been so successful that they can't be discussed at all without smirking.

However, we're in awe of how much of a role extraterrestrial intelligence(s) play in religion, mythology, and history. ETs may not matter in the grand scheme of things -- namely, in everyone's own individual quest for enlightenment and liberation from suffering.

But they sure have helped form the societies we live in and the civilizations we've known. Why invisible "angels" would be easier to believe in than evasive "aliens" able to cloak themselves, whether for good or ill, is beyond our thinking.

There are many things people will not believe in until full disclosure -- and no one will say that this is what we had been saying for years. So before that day comes, bear in mind:

  • They're not one thing; there are many space aliens.
  • They're not invading because others are protecting.
  • They're not any more scary than the diversity here.
  • They're not "coming"; they've been here all along.
  • They're not green and short and all Simpsony.

They can be Nordic in appearance and, when described in ancient India as gandharvas, are much more beautiful than earthly humans. Finally, although the three world religions speak of "extraterrestrials" incessantly, still the majority of us believe that they can be no more than mythical. But they're fun, so enjoy our openminded coverage of UFOs in ancient texts and modern videos.

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