Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Zen of "Tron: Legacy" and religion (film)

Zen Peacekeeper Roshi Bernie Glassman helped develop the Zen of the "Tron" script.

There is a lot of buzz about the Tron/Buddhism connection. There is an interesting National Post piece about Jeff Bridges, Zen, and "Tron: Legacy." And Jeff Bridges’ "Tron: Legacy" co-star Olivia Wilde talks in a new interview about how her character, Quorra, is inspired by in part by Buddhism and the “coolest Zen Buddhist alive” -- her co-star Jeff Bridges. Back in October longtime The Worst Horse reader Sam DeWitt contributed one of the first looks at the Tron/Dharma connection, including some interesting screengrabs. And at the scifi geek site i09 is an article called “Jeff Bridges and Olivia Wilde say Tron Legacy is all about religion” (

See also Bridges, Leupp on Buddhist influences in “Tron: Legacy” (

  • Buddhist monks and Biker dudes on TV
    ( “Born to Rage,” a new National Geographic Explorer show, aired noting: “There’s a gene that can, surprisingly, indicate a stronger likelihood for men to engage in violent behavior. The hook is engaging: Punk rock icon and genuinely angry man Henry Rollins serves as a kind of host, interviewer, and lead test subject. Their other test subjects are also interesting: retired gang enforcers, biker dudes, Buddhist monks, and a former Navy SEAL/current successful CEO” (The AV Club). CLIP: Warrior Gene?

This is not the first time Hollywood has shown Buddhist influences: "I Heart Huckabees"

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