Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Catholic Conspiracies (What's under Malta?)

Hitler's equivalent of a Karl Rove made his assessment, and Nazi plans continue.

(Nov. 2010) For centuries, we have been enslaved by royal bloodlines, Satanic occult structures and societies, fake religions, and a criminal financial matrix. The Vatican, the Pedo-Pope, the Queen of England, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, and elite bloodlines are allowing mass genocide due to the planned BP oil catastrophe.

They own major shares in BP, the biggest Ponzi scheme in history.... The Vatican, within its own city-state, thinks it is above the law, making its own rules and earning a staggering 355 million euros per year for a population of only 829 people. No wonder it needs its own army, the Pontifical Swiss Guard Corps, to shield itself from the poverty and anger of the outside world.

The Mafia, CIA, the Vatican’s intelligence apparatus, the Knights of Malta, quite a connection. In more recent decades SMOM (Sovereign Military Order of Malta) has acted as a funding conduit, a black market gold channel, and money launderer for the CIA, among others, and is known to act as the Vatican's intelligence arm. What it did for most people is bring about the revelation of pedophilia in the Catholic Church. More>>

Malta is an island with a vast array of underground tunnels, home to ogres (yakkhas), serpentine reptilians (nagas), and chimeras that Wisdom Quarterly covered during Monster Month. Might subterranean forces be the original source of these Church plots and activities? Malta's Underground Monsters

  • PHOTOS: Bush royal family with Nazi quote, Pope Benedict upon a throne from which he attempts to rule most of the world, and yes that's really the current German Pope as a young priest sieg heiling Hitler, having been a member of the Hitler Youth as a boy.

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