Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Burma VJ" (film)

"Burma VJ" (trailer)

The trailer introduce the film. A "video journalist" (VJ) visits the closed police state, now renamed Myanmar by the military dictatorship, with a hidden video camera. He catches scenes of shocking brutality against peaceful Buddhist monks demonstrating (in what came to be called the Saffron Revolution) in support of the Burmese people and jailed democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi (pronounced "Sue Chee"). She is the daughter of a great Burmese revolutionary hero, Aung San.

Ellen Page introduces dictator Than Shwe

She was thrust into a position of leadership by his assassination. Having married a British scholar living in England, Suu Kyi is kept in the country because if she leaves, she will not be allowed to return. However, she is allowed to say only under house arrest, while the people are systematically exploited and destroyed by "Big Brother" come to life in the form of Than Shwe and his military junta.

Full theatrical version of "Burma VJ" (in equal segments)

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