Saturday, February 26, 2011

"The Government Flu" (video)

WARNING: Sexual images, strong language, and controversial information (DK555).

The U.S. government experiments on civilians (not just healthy ones but hospitalized and imprisoned ones as well). It also deploys deadly biological agents (called weapons of mass destruction) in war. War is one thing, but the government spreads illness to debilitate citizens as a means of social control as well. One famous case is the Tuskegee Experiment.

Does anyone doubt that experiments are carried out on military personnel owned by the government (G.I. = "government issue")? Gulf War Syndrome, according to Dr. Gary Null, was caused by depleted uranium in forced vaccinations imposed on American soldiers by the American government. But they wouldn't do such things to noncombatants or protesters back home?

Elements in the shadow government and the military-industrial-pharmaceutical complex are fighting other nations and us, not for America's benefit but their own. Because they do not, or believe they do not, have to experience the detrimental effects of their undertaking (in subterranean complexes and with advanced medical care techniques), they do things simplistic logic dictates would have to be against their own self-interest.

We are the ones assuming that we are all Americans united against the world, that whatever happens to the least of us happens to all of us. In fact, we are so deluded that many of us are willing and eager to accept jobs in policing, homeland spying, and propaganda (now called marketing and public relations) with the hope and expectation that we will be protected while those who hired us only harm our fellow citizens. The government made a flu and gav it to its citizens on purpose? This was known years ago and made into a song by the brilliant Dead Kennedys.

In the Malaria ward at Illinois penitentiary on June 25, 1945, army doctors expose patients to infected mosquitoes. The mosquitoes bite through gauze-covered opening in a glass cage. (AP Photo) Ugly U.S. history of human medical testing

A commission examines dozens of cases where healthy people were made sick. One famous experiment - Travelers' measles risk - Soft drink stroke concern

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