Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wars in "Heaven," Wars on Earth (video)

Various UFO (OVNIS) news reports with dramatic video footage in 2010 (ITN)

Is "Armageddon" inevitable? Why are there wars on Earth? Are humans born to be warriors, or were we taught to make war, and if so, Who taught us?

In a memorable lecture delivered at a 2003 seminar in Philadelphia, Zecharia Sitchin presented answers based on a selection of ancient texts.

The recording of the groundbreaking lecture, together with readings of the ancient texts, are available on two CD discs, together with a 24-page booklet that provides the texts in full:

Spanish TV audio, English translation: (Zzentityzz2) a large UFO was captured on cell phone video by miners working in Chile.

Enuma elish: The Celestial Battle
The Wars of the Olden Gods
The Wars of Gods [Devas] and Titans [Asuras]
The Pyramid Wars
The Final War of the Gods
The Lamentation Texts

Taiwanese news footage of thunderstorm revealing large pyramidal (not triangular) UFO

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