Thursday, February 10, 2011

Even Burma Goes Green

Wisdom Quarterly
The portable "telescreen" Orwell foresaw: Devices like this regularly update the owner's location and activities -- even when it is off -- whenever one passes a microwave communication tower.

"Big Brother," the Surveillance State, is watching us using the latest technology.

The Burma-based company "OK Myanmar" has announced it is devising a solar and hydroelectric plan to meet the needs of the notorious police state. Why? "Green" makes economic sense, even to dictatorships. The idea somehow still appears to be radical in the US, whereas as communist China has become the leader in solar power.

Power is needed by the junta for infrastructure and microwave communication towers, which are popping up worldwide as Big Brother enables the ubiquitous "telescreen" spying apparatus needed for effective totalitarianism.

This eventuality was foreseen by George Orwell, writing about his experiences in Burma in the book Nineteen Eighty-Four. He foresaw not only the oppression in his British dystopia. He understood that the entire world would begin to divide into mega regions or "super states" -- the European continent, the Asian, the American.

Oceania, Eurasia, Eastasia (and disputed territory) -- Amero Zone, Euro Zone, and Yen Zone: economic divisions ensure the "perpetual war" Orwell foresaw. See 1984.

Eventually, the perpetual war (or low level conflict) the United States sows and sustains around the world so drains the economies of the planet that going green becomes necessary. Surveillance is not cheap.

OK Myanmar has declared its intentions to utilize the solar equipment supplied by Sanyo Photovoltaic Equipment, a Japanese manufacturing company, and the services of Japanese engineers in installing the proposed projects. Source:

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