Thursday, February 17, 2011

UFO filmed for hours over Toronto (video)

(Supermushmouse, Feb. 15, 2011) A giant hexahedron cluster came in from the south over Lake Ontario. It then hovered over the Canadian city of Toronto for approximately two hours this morning. The giant cluster then slowly vanished as sunrise approached.

Tracey Parece (Boston Top News,, Feb. 16, 2011)
The latest UFO sighting to be documented on film was recorded in Toronto, Canada on Tuesday, February 15, 2011 at 5:18 am. The news that an extraterrestrial craft was filmed in North America is surprising since most recent UFO sightings have been reported overseas. However, there have certainly been North American UFO sightings in the past. A UFO was even spotted in Boston, MA just a few years ago. One person who witnessesed the UFO hovering over Toronto described it as follows: "A giant hexahedron cluster UFO hovering for approximately two hours over Toronto this morning. This is an intelligent living enttity (a community of living entities) and not a space vehicle such as a spaceship -- nonetheless the entity cluster is of alien origin and is able to travel and live in space." View video footage of the UFO hovering over Toronto. More>>
  • IMAGE: Sightings were reported at the time of the Buddha as well as contact. In this painting, Sakka is shown charioteering through the clouds in an artist's conception of his space-travelling craft (vimana) with Matali at the helm and other devas trailing behind.

The sun (ThinkStock) Solar flare promises sky show

The largest solar flare in four years is driving interest in another celestial event: the Northern Lights. Photos of solar flares - Rare daytime fireball - Lurking planet in doubt

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