Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Karma: Rooster Knifes His Cockfighting Coach

A cow escapes slaughterhouse by jumping a fence and swimming across a river, okay. But a man-chicken takes a blade and cut his oppressor, why not?

A California man died Sunday, after being stabbed in the leg by a cockfighting bird wearing a sharp blade [placed on male chickens so that they will kill one another in fights set up by unscrupulous promoters for fans of animal cruelty].

Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a reported cockfight, after they were tipped off by an anonymous caller. Shortly after authorities arrived they found Jose Luis Ochoa, 35, and took him to a hospital emergency room, where he later died, Kern County Sheriff’s Department said in a news release. The cause of the accidental death was an injury to Ochoa’s right calf, according to an autopsy report Wednesday.

Sgt. Martin King said, “I have never seen this type of incident.” He added, “People have been known to bleed out from those injuries if medical attention is not obtained immediately.” King said deputies found five dead roosters and other evidence of cockfighting at the scene. No arrests have been made and no citations have been written related to the incident.

The blade, which was attached to the bird’s beak, was there to aid in slaying the oppressed fowl’s opponent. Instead the rowdy rooster redirected his anger -- as tormented creatures do -- onto his owner. This occurred only one week after Indian cockfighter Singrai Soren was murdered by his prizefighter bird after attempting to force it back into the ring only moments after it survived a bloody match. The bird had razors attached to its ankles and used them to gouge at Soren’s throat, killing him after years of humiliating, painful fighting. More>>

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