Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Judge tours California Death Chamber

Paul Elias (AP)

Death Chamber, San Quentin State Prison, where we (whoever approves or applauds or carries out the killing of prisoners) make collective karma (Reuters).

SAN QUENTIN, California – A federal judge convened a most unusual hearing Tuesday [Feb. 8, 2011] at San Quentin Prison. Nearly all the routine court trappings were missing as U.S. District Court Judge Jeremy Fogel toured the state's new, $900,000 death chamber as part of proceedings aimed at helping him decide whether to restart lethal injections in California -- a procedure he put on hold five years ago. The judge was 70 miles from his regular courtroom in San Jose and wore a business suit as he and two dozen lawyers, prison officials, and other observers took a one-hour tour of the chamber. More>>

"Dead man reclining," the guards probably giggle as they stand by -- generating unskillful karma not only for physically participating, verbally encouraging, but also mentally approving of killing for the state.

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