Friday, February 18, 2011

Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain... WISCONSIN!

MADISON, Wisconsin - Libya, Tunisia, parts unknown, the protests continue! ...The product of struggle, organization, mass protests, and sometimes jail and beatings. I believed then, and I still believe now, that organized labor is the middle class's best defense against an organized corporate oligarchy that has waged a one-sided 30-year long class war.

That's why I'm not surprised that the first stirrings of American resistance to the corporate oligarchy since Wall Street greed and malfeasance brought the American and world economy to its knees in 2008 are coming from the organized labor, centered today in the capital of Wisconsin, a state with one of the longest progressive traditions in America.

And it's why I'm not surprised that some of the first acts of newly minted right-wing Republican governors [like Gov. Walker who is eager to call out the National Guard to start shooting people] are to try to destroy organized labor. More>>

The World Revolts (UPDATE)

EU ministers call for end to Libya bloodshed
Libya launches harshest crackdown yet on rebels
Pirates: Warship shadowing hijacked American yacht
Bahrain opposition plots strategy before talks
Tunisia asks Saudi Arabia: Is Ben Ali dead?
Thousands march in Morocco to seek reform
NATO disputes claims it killed 64 Afghan civilians

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