Thursday, January 19, 2012

Can Marijuana be medicinal or spiritual?

Wisdom Quarterly; Caroline Casey; Harborside Health Center (composed March 20, 2010)

(Harborside Health) Harborside Health Center is a professional cannabis dispensary. This video was shown at the THC Expo, June 13-14, 2009 in LA.

OAKLAND, California - We must face it. Most marijuana use is neither medicinal nor spiritual. It is engaged in as an addictive activity that is harmful to users. It is less harmful than alcohol and other substances, but it is still harmful. The question is, Must it be that way?

What if there were a way to make cannabis use not only medicinal -- with varieties of the plant prescribed for a variety of specific conditions -- but even spiritual? High levels of THC have now been bred into most strains at the expense of a more important substance, CBD (cannabidol).

This radio broadcast is an interview by Caroline Casey (a woman who only sounds like a man) and Harborside Health Center. As use becomes legal and ever more widespread, it is important to explore whether cannabis can have any positive use, be of any assistance in meditation or spiritual development, and whether or not it can legitimately be taken as a "medicine" without violating Buddhism's fifth precept. The Harborside approach seems to suggest that it can.

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