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Legend of the blue-eyed Chinese (video)

; CC Liu, Amber Dorrian, Seven, Wisdom Quarterly (FORBIDDEN ANTHROPOLOGY)
(National Geographic) The Tocharians: the Great Lost White Migration to China. The secrets of China include pyramids, giant mummies, and a history Europe might twist to its advantage.

The Chinese civilization always contained stories of blue-eyed and blonde-haired leaders who were the originators of Buddhism [possibly from Aryan Afghanistan and Indo-Greece] and who were the first leaders and organizers of Chinese society.

These stories were always regarded as pure legend until the 1977 discovery of the graveyards of the Tocharians in the Takla Makan desert in China. The Tocharian mummies -- naturally preserved in the dry desert sands are unequivocally clear Nordic [alien] racial types.

The graveyards lie near the ruins of the great Tocharian cities, built along the famous Silk Route. It is beyond doubt that Whites settled in China, and the Chinese legends of White influence on that civilization may yet have some basis in fact. White titan (asura) history

"Ancient Aliens" (

Originally, blond haired, blue eyed people were NOT Europeans. They were aliens, "sky gods" (asuras and akasha devas) that preceded Aryan, Sumerian, and even Egyptian cultures. This is the unbelievable truth being hidden due to modern racism, white supremacy, and Western hegemony. Whatever empires those rulers launched are still being rolled out whether most people are aware of it or not.

The "truth" is so hard to believe that we fall back on nonsensical theories and call everything else an anomaly and exception. We forbid and conceal a great deal of archeology, even in our own Grand Canyon and the history of giant Native Americans and titan Incan (Peruvian) kings. (See Michael Cremo's attempts to reveal it).

(Ch. 3 News) Mummy of 9,000-year-old giant found in Nevada cave.

() Three times older than King Tut, the "Spirit Cave mummy" is the oldest human mummy found in North America. Paiute Indians, whose territory extended from California to Nevada, have many legends of giants who hunted them and were here when they themselves arrived. These beings were not human but abducted human females and bred with them. UC Berkeley anthropologists made a bigger find and published the results of giant skeletons and artifacts in a cave in Lubbock, Nevada.

Legend of the blue-eyed Chinese
Chow How Ban via
The historical Buddha had blue eyes. The Chinese empire is enormous. It extends west to Central Asia and north to Russia where blue eyes are common. Villagers in Gansu province may be descendants of an ancient Roman legion allowed to settle in a Han dynasty village named Liqian.

Folks of Liqian Village in China’s northwestern Gansu province are used to being interviewed by the media. They have received foreign and local media, scholars and historians since a theory first spread in the 1980s that the village used to be a settlement for war prisoners during the Western Han dynasty -- linking some of the villagers to a lost Roman legion.

Villagers with wavy yellow [blond] hair, hooked noses, and blue or green eyes would charge 50 yuan (RM25) for an interview. Their Caucasian features are what prompt some historians to believe the theory is true.

The ancient world has at time been as connected as now
and there have been many human varieties and species.

“We usually can only entertain interviews approved or requested by our village committee and tourism bureau,” said Luo Ying, who agreed to be interviewed without an interview fee this time.

There is an alien
visitation connection sacred texts recorded.

“I have many features that are different from the others. I have thick eyebrows and a high nose bridge.”

The 35-year-old, who works at a nearby construction site, said he used to have blue eyes, which earned him the nickname “blue-eyed boy” in class when he was a child. But his eyes have since turned hazel.

Many in his family, especially the males, have Caucasian features. His grandfather had blue eyes and his beard was yellow. So, too, his father, who had a long nose and blue eyes, Luo added. More

Scientists cannot yet bear to discuss the alien connection
despite the evidence of forbidden archeology (Bikini1212)

Yingluk Thaksin, Thailand's first female Prime Minister

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