Saturday, January 7, 2012

Amazon: Lost Tribe in the Human World

Wisdom Quarterly
(LINK) First Contact: Lost Amazon Tribe found and interacted with (BBC)

The "human plane" (manussa loka) is far more diverse and strange than any of us understand. It is not limited in time to this iteration of the species, or to earthlings, or to the frail, small, short-lived creatures we experience ourselves as now. But even if humans were only as we knew them, we would not know them. The Earth has rarely been so well connected, so well explored, yet there are tribes, customs, and cultures we know nothing of. The human world affords beings the greatest opportunity to realize the Three Marks of Existence: radical impermanence, the disappointment of all conditioned existence, and the impersonal nature of all the constituents of being (form, feeling, perception, mental formations, and consciousness).

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