Monday, January 23, 2012

Smallfoot? Extinct jungle primate discovered

Gallery: Undated photo released by Ethical Expeditions of a large primate species presumed to be extinct but found alive in Indonesian jungles where Asian Bigfoot(s) are also reported (Eric Fell/AP)

It is argued that Bigfoot could not exist even in remote places. The fact is, most of the vast animal world remains undiscovered. Bigfoot is not one of them. For they have been found and secretly documented. Why the information remains secret is up for debate. But in response to the argument that finding new large primate species is out of the question, as if we have found and made public all such beings, there comes this completely unexpected discovery.

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) - Scientists working in the dense jungles of Indonesia have "rediscovered" a large, gray monkey so rare it was believed by many to be extinct. They were all the more baffled to find the Miller's Grizzled Langur -- its black face framed by a fluffy, Dracula-esque white collar -- in an area well outside its previously recorded home range. The team set up camera traps in the Wehea Forest on the eastern tip of Borneo Island in June, hoping to capture images of clouded leopards, orangutans, and other wildlife known to congregate at several mineral salt licks. The pictures that came back caught them all by surprise: groups of monkeys none had ever seen. More
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