Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th used to be GOOD luck

Dhr. Seven, Pat Macpherson, Wisdom Quarterly (UPDATED)
Freyja, the beautiful celestial goddess (akasha-devi) on Earth (Bhumi or Gaia) with a dragon in hand, which is fitting for 2012, the Year of the Dragon (
Our glorious Moon as viewed from Earth
Freyja is the goddess (devi) after whom "Friday" is named. And 13 is the number of months in the lunar calendar, which is based on the natural phases of the Moon in a year:

There are seven days in a week, four weeks in a month (4 x 7 = 28 days), and 13 months in a year. This is due to the regular phases of the Moon, known as Chandra or Luna. Therefore, we calculate:

7 (days) x 52 (weeks) or
13 (months) x 28 (days) = 364 + 1

The one uncounted free day is New Year's Eve, which is occupied with reflecting on the year that has just passed and turning attention toward the year to come.

Pointing at the Moon (SFBMFB)
But when Christians formed a conspiracy to disrupt the natural order aligned with Nature and the stars, taking over Earth time and colonizing minds by instituting the awkward Gregorian Calendar based on the astrotheology of Sun worship, 13 had to become "bad."

Bad luck, Satanic, Pagan, Wiccan, anything to associate it with "evil," discredit it, and create a phobia (irrational fear) regarding it. That phobia, triskaidekaphobia, took hold. The excuse? Well, "god's son" (devaputra) on Earth only had 12 apostles.

Suffer from triskaidekaphobia? It could be even worse (
The "god" in question is a myth or a literal "shining one" (deva) from space (akashic realms). Anyone reborn among the devas in the celestial spheres (heavens or  space planes)  is called a devaputra ("son of god" or "offspring of the shining ones").
Whenever space entities come to Earth and build -- according to Vedic, Nordic, African (Egyptian and Dogon), Sumerian, Greek, Roman, and Mesoamerican mythologies -- they are obsessed with astronomy and various kinds of "astrology." This has left humans with an obsession with astrotheology.
Berkeley's visionary activist and radio host Caroline Casey (Jan. 12, 2012) helped us put the pieces together. Let us remember that Friday the 13th used to be lucky, a day of beautiful art and music, before the Christian fathers made it otherwise. It was a day of lovemaking, which still happens inordinately on Friday nights but is now shrouded largely in shame and secrecy. (Thank you, Christian fathers). "Dreaming" once meant "making music." So Happy Year of the Dragon!
Inherited from Vedic lore, Chandra (Sanskrit, the Moon's name, literally "shining") is a lunar deity and a "cosmic influencer" (graha, planet). Chandra is also identified with the Vedic lunar deity Soma ("juice"). The name Soma refers particularly to the [alchemical, divine nectar, manna] juice made of sap from plants, which explains why the Moon is considered the lord of plants and vegetation. Chandra is described as a young, beautiful, fair, two-armed deva with a club in one hand and a lotus in the other. He rides his spacecraft (vimana) across the sky every night... More
Freaky Friday
Julie Fishman (
It's that time again, when Friday and 13 align. But with 2012 already shrouded in supernatural predictions, the traditionally dreaded date just seems a bit eerier this year. For the occasion, Glo set out to discover the meaning behind the day's superstitions and to marvel at the surprising -- and sometimes ridiculous -- behavior it induces. You might want to cross your fingers and avoid walking under any ladders -- at least for today. More

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