Monday, January 9, 2012

Dennis Kucinich for Congress (Ohio)

Wisdom Quarterly (EDITORIAL)

Dennis Kucinich would be our choice for president. However, he has his eyes set on Congress not the White House. He is running for re-election to represent Ohio. He is one of very few voices opposing war, and deficit spending, and the military-industrial complex.

The country is enriched by his service. Since it is almost certain that B.S. Obama will be reselected with the 1%'s handpicked opposition in Mittens Romney. to carry on the proud Bush legacy, Dennis has opted not to run.

No Democrat is allowed to even consider running against our country's fearless leader, shot caller/assassin, and potential future dictator. Along with comedian Jimmy Dore, we prefer racist Republican Ron Paul to another term of New World Order advocate B.S. Obama.

Ron Paul is the only presidential peace candidate, the only one opposing imperial US wars and interventions abroad.

Daily Show: Mainstream Media ignores Ron Paul

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Unknown said...

There are several online petitions(one is at care2) asking Ron Paul to choose Dennis Kucinich to be his running mate, should he become the nominee or even earlier than that