Friday, January 20, 2012

South Carolina: Vote Colbert (video)

The Colbert Report via The Huffington Post

WASHINGTON -- Back in the 1980s and 1990s, political action committees were seen as a huge threat to the sanctity of the electoral process. By leveraging contributions from many individuals, PACs could exert magnified clout. After creating a PAC last year, it did not take Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert long to figure out that in his quest for the big bucks, he needed to play in a different league altogether. Thanks to Supreme Court rulings, including the January 2010 Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision -- which removed limits on independent spending by corporations and unions for political purposes -- he discovered he could.

A Christian "Sexperiment"
In "Yahweh or No Way," Colbert doles out divine judgment on the latest in Christian relationship news: The dating site Christian Mingle (a lot like, which has 5 million members, launched an ad campaign highlighting success stories. And the roof of a church was recently used to host something unusual -- Pastor Ed and Lisa Young's Sexperiment, a 24-hour "bed-in" for Jesus.
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