Wednesday, January 25, 2012

India: Berserk bus driver (video)

IBN; CNN; AP via; Wisdom Quarterly

NEW DELHI, India - A bus driver mowed down pedestrians and rammed cars, scooters, and food stalls in [an hour long] rampage through crowded Indian streets Wednesday that killed nine people and injured more than two dozen.

Police chased the bus for an hour through the streets of the central city of Pune, with traffic officers firing on it in an attempt to stop it, before they managed to arrest the 30-year-old driver. He is being held on murder charges.

The licensed bus driver had driven his route as normal Tuesday, but on Wednesday morning he jumped into another driver's bus and took off, police said.

"He just went berserk," slamming into people, cars, school buses, scooters, and vegetable stands, Pune Police Commissioner Meeran Borwankar said.

Pedestrians tried to flee, with some throwing children out of the way of the oncoming bus, she said. More

Road rage? Western-style terrorism from too many Hollywood-influenced Bollywood movies? Too much stress from American wars on Afghanistan and Pakistan (which a half century ago were part of India)? Too much communal (Hindu vs. Muslim) violence? Or is this another Manchurian candidate going off as programmed? We can only speculate.

Those beings who wish for war, conquest, chaos, and fear are winning. Striking random terror into the hearts of urban populations is our specialty -- studied by the CIA, practiced by the US military, induced by screens and HAARP emissions, called for by military training and PsyOps. If it only happened in places like India, who would worry? But it happens in the US almost every week.

Just yesterday a man went into a fast food restaurant and started breaking windows with a metal bar. Police executed him when he did not put the bar down. LA police answered a domestic violence call on a drunk or special needs man and executed him in front of his house when he did not comply quickly enough. These are militarily-trained domestic police who are rarely so much as charged for excessive force. If enough random cases go of bizarre activity meet with uncontested use of excessive force, we have a police state on our hands. And it is justified my the unpredictable public the police are protecting us against as they strip us of our rights. It is like the young American soldier famously said of the Vietnamese village: "We had to destroy to save it."

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