Monday, March 17, 2014

Crimea [river], Part II: Going to Russia

Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, Dhr. Seven, Amber Larson, Wisdom Quarterly
Exxkuse me, Hih'lahry, yuh're vut? - I, uh, I'm sorry. - Kee'ise me. - Okay. (
That man is like Hitler!!! (audio)
One cannot blame Vlad the Invader Putin too much. He is not "insane," according to author and honorary Pussy Riot member Masha Gessen.
And perhaps Hillary Clinton should be brought up on European charges for recently likening "Putin to Hitler" and the Nazis. They may both be dictator but she will, too, when given the chance. Isn't that the milk jug calling the bottle...? Uh, never mind.
Pres. Putin may seem crazy to us, for like the fox, there is a method to his apparent madness.
I agree with that B! (Cartman means Bolshevik)
The United States of America is NOT the "world's police." Maybe it should be, but it's not: Not only are we not Top Cop in any moral/ethical or official sense of the word -- since we look the other way every time it is not in our economic or strategic interest to intervene to stop war crimes -- it is the CIA butting in to stir up trouble, overthrow democratically-elected governments, assassinate leaders (first sending in the Bankers, like the IMF and World Bank, then the Jackals to break kneecaps and depose resisters) and so on.

We only call in the military when corporations can make more money than they would without war -- but only after manufacturing a pretext. We never go without an artificial pretext.

Give WAR a chance? (
Genocides, invasions, seizures, it's all fine with us, the US. But if tiny Grenada, Somalia, or Haiti step out of line in the slightest -- it's call in the Navy, call in the Air Force, call in the imperial ground troops. The USA is open for business, and business LOVES asymmetric war profits. After the fiasco of Vietnam, why do mothers still send their sons and fathers their daughters?

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