Monday, March 24, 2014

News of the World: Fly Malaysia Airlines cheap

Pfc. Sandoval, Pat Macpherson, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly (NEWS REVIEW)
Lose yourself! Dare to live, dare to fly, dare to fall into a hijacking black hole (cutideals)
(SH) A baby moose is stuck in the fence in the snow. Humans sneak up. What will happen?

1. Wells Fargo admits to defrauding homeowners out of their houses, robosigning, foreclosing, training employees to "lose" paperwork -- will not be charged with theft or any major felony but may have to pay small penalty to banking insiders.

2. DARPA is encouraging many academics and ametuers to work for the Killing Machine, the U.S. Imperial Military Service. But they don't know it. "I don't work for the military," they exclaim. "I just enter contests sponsored by DARPA; I can't help what they do with my invetions. If they want to build decision-making killer robots out of my contest winner, that's on them. I don't work for the military. I'm just a garage tinkerer, a code writer, a contest enterer." Oy vey.

3. "We Come As Friends" Anti-imperialist radio host Michael Slate ( talks to the film maker showing just how "empire" is accomplished whether it's the British yesterday or the Americans today. The world's newest country is South Sudan on the continent of Africa. When Hillary Clinton visited, she invited investment and exploitation. Come, bankers, "do well while doing good," was her PR campaign's slogan. "There's plenty of money to be made" off of these black-skinned dummies, dark skinned needy, dimwitted pawns, poor, up-and-coming Third World youth. It is what the British did for centuries, and we're just following that Western lineage of invasion, occupation, and unadulterated exploitation while bringing "God" and "civilization" to these savages, those in need...while extracting everything we can via the railroads and infrastructure we first build to benefit ourselves. It's not for them, mind you, but for getting the goods to market by way of the exit ports for shipping. Thanks, future president Hillary; you're a Good Old Boy after all.

Dr. DeGruy, Fullerton College, March 28
4. Southern California progressives have become so open minded that they finally see that "mass incarceration" is a reality and a purposeful policy, a ALEC-style conspiracy? Have professors Michelle Alexander and Joy DeGruy finally broken into the popular imagination? What else could explain quizzing L.A. Sheriff candidates on their views of "mass incarceration"? Sure, they'll probably lie and do it anyway, but they can't say they were never asked. Then they can be called on their lying and voted out, and another set can be brought in and do the same thing, then voted out... See how well democracy works? Just ask the Great Communicator, our Fearless Leader Obama. He would never lie. He would sooner chop down a cherry tree and be spanked than fib about it.

Here's a handy chart provided by USAF
5. Dr. Roger Lear, M.D. ( is dead? The only man brave enough to remove extraterrestrial alien implants, expose them, and live to tell about it... Well, perhaps not the latter. He has succumbed to medical interventions, one of America's leading killers (the iatrogenic effect). Was he assassinated for saying too much? He will be missed, and his evidence cannot be explained by ordinary means. The only way to ignore him is to ignore him. This leaves no messy questions about how inanimate objects, the "implants," have bundles of nerves going to them. Since when does the body not only not reject foreign matter but embrace it more than medical implants? His findings were shocking, so of course they could not be widely reported. To do so would mean having to find a way to dismiss the obvious: there are others, and they occasionally implant people.

6. Republican Chris "Christ" Christie has group sex and makes a polished porn movie about it? That's what Gawker is currently investigating -- with its near forensic analysis of the footage -- and reporting.

What goes up must come... Not necessarily.
7. Then there was something about some missing plane or something? Went off its route straight to Diego Garcia, a military base expert in secrecy for the clandestine military-industrial complex (MIC). It was probably just a coincidence that it was carrying 20 top secret chip researchers, many of them Americans, on their way to the capital of China. Sure the world is searching millions of square miles of sea for them, yeah. Hey, but did you hear about the discounted flights? Bring a cellphone (mobile) and call us the next time this happens so we won't worry so much.
police tapeUpdate: Suspect in Hollywood Hills shooting dead; officer hit by small debris A police spokesman said the suspect in a shooting in the Hollywood Hills Monday morning has been executed by police is dead of apparent gunshot wounds but, more importantly, an officer has been slightly hurt during the altercation and is now doing well, according to Chief Charlie Beck. And as for the suspect Anaheim police recently executed for protecting himself against a vicious trained K-9 agent, uh, well, at least the doggie, whose name is Bruno, is making progresshelicopters and their noise by complaining to the FAA

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