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Retrospective on Radical Feminism (audio)

Seven (ed.), Wisdom Quarterly; Moira Rankin, Deborah George, From the Vault (FTV 409)
According to author Masha Gessen, Pussy Riot's Nadia was inspired by the radical history of women's liberation in the West. It inspired her to awaken a movement in Russia (AFP).

Russia's Pussy Riot
Guest host Lynn Ballen, producer of KPFK (L.A.) Radio's "Feminist Magazine," introduces "A Retrospective on Radical Feminism."

It was produced in 1980 by Moira Rankin and co-produced by Deborah George for Sophie’s Parlor Collective, the oldest women’s radio collective on the air at Pacifica’s youngest station, WPFW in Washington, D.C. Composed of interviews, actions, and music, it includes:
Oh, ladies, do behave! (MO)
Alix Kates Shulman, activist and author of Memoirs of an Ex-Prom Queen, is interviewed and reads from her book, Burning Questions. 
Fannie Lou Hamer, founder of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, recalls the physical abuse she suffered in prison in a 1966 KPFA (Berkeley) interview. 
Joan Byron, a member of The Furies, [which as part of the Lavender Menace was] one the first radical lesbian separatist groups describes, their reasons for organizing. 
Anais Nin, From the Vault (FTV 408)
Betty Friedan renounces her position on the lesbian issue she had dubbed the "Lavender Menace" and supports the sexual preference resolution at the 1977 United States International Women’s Year Conference in Houston, Texas. 
Carol Downer, one of the founders of the Los Angeles Feminist Health Clinic, speaks about the need for women to control their own bodies and have access to abortions. 
Manhandled Femen topless activist (
Edith Barksdale Sloane, Executive Director of the National Committee on Household Employment, is interviewed about the need for basic services for women. 
Donna Keck, a founder of Women: A Journal of Liberation, speaks about race within the women’s movement.
Activist Cynthia Washington speaks about all the aspects of oppression including racism, classism, elitism, sexism, and ageism.

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