Thursday, March 20, 2014

Support women's rights, support FEMEN

Amber Larson, Seven, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly; (
FEMEN's topless demonstration over Ukraine, Crimea, and Russia makes cover of NY Times.
Topless protests call attention to vital causes.
One of the things that differentiates FEMEN from other groups is its financial independence. FEMEN does not need to negotiate with shareholders, sponsors, or politicians. Donations and purchases from supporters the world over are the only income source that makes protests, investments, new branches, Sextremist training programs, and the Website possible. So if readers share FEMEN's ideals, if they would like to see more actions, and if they believe in women's rights, support FEMEN right now by requesting an autographed FEMEN book, hoodie, or t-shirt: femenshop or femen.

ACTION: "Stop Putin's War" - During a protest against Putin's intervention in Crimea, French FEMEN sextremists were beaten by pro-Russian reactionaries, undercover agents (seen trying to suppress photography), and arrested by unknown agents. During the action they shout "F**K YOU, PUTIN!" and demand he step back from independent Ukraine during a Parliament gathering of bandits and marionettes deciding the fate of Crimea in Putin's renewed Union.

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