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From burning bras to hot... (Int'l Women's Day)

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Feminists marching braless in bullet proof vests (Wisdom Quarterly/
If I burn it, it's not that I'm nostalgic (#NotYourMothersFemisim); I just overdid the surgery.

From Burning Bras to Hot Debate: Is feminism doing right by women today?
Women Under [Early] Buddhism (GR)
(KPCC) Who qualifies as "feminist" nowadays? The days of bra burning may be gone, but there’s still plenty of fire around feminism now. 
Take the unretouched Lena Dunham and body-less Mindy Kaling fashion mag covers: Were they beautiful or boo-worthy? Or Beyoncé, a pop star so beloved by men and women alike that she's called "Queen Be": Is she all about Woman Power or just a powerful brand?
Even First Ladies can’t escape the heat, applied equally to matters grand and, very often, small: Are Michelle Obama’s arms and Hillary Clinton’s sags and Twitter tag praiseworthy, problematic, or something else altogether?
Not in my police state you don't, missy!
Heated debate over these questions plays out all over media. This isn't necessarily bad if it's leading to more conversations and awareness. But the flip side is that too many different voices make solidarity impossible and could hurt (or even doom) “the movement.”  In 2014, is there even a movement anymore? 
If yes, what is it now? If there’s no single, unified feminism, should there be one? Who qualifies to be feminist at all?
Do we take feminism for granted?
On Thursday, March 27, 2014, join Wisdom Quarterly at KPCC’s Crawford Family Forum for some lively talk about pop culture, politics, and doing/being women “right.” There will be an audio-visual show of items with the most recent media buzz. Panelists will give their insights, and audience Q&A is invited to dive into what’s going on with American feminism today. Moreover, how is it likely to play out in the future?

Men are a vital part
You're invited, Peter. Put away the toy.
Male allies, non-sexist men, enlightened guys, and precious children with a chance of being raised beyond patriarchy are vital to the world movement for gender equality. If women hate men, stay home; it only harms the cause. We are ALL upset with patriarchs, sexists, rapists, and brutes. Nowadays, most males can at least behave in a fair way. Let's make it the norm, the natural way of thinking, of feeling, of working together as one humanity. Come stand up for freedom, for sexual equality, and for fairness.
March 8th International Women's Day, Los Angeles: Rock, Rap, & Speakout versus Poverty, Prisons, & War -- 2:00 pm, MacArthur Park, Wilshire Bl. between Alvarado and Park View, LA 90057, Metro exit: Westlake/MacArthur Park (
The new women of International Women's Day? (Wisdom Quarterly/
Is there a problem with feminism today?
ap819611132082_custom-96df3df83f708c3c80c9fc68c520b7a0648d8310-s51.jpgOn March 27, KPCC's Crawford Family Forum hosts a conversation on the precarious state of feminism today. Shape that event by sharing insights on the role feminism plays -- or fails to play -- in your life. Learn more about the event, RSVP free, or follow the conversation on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #notyourmothersfeminism. Everything you share will be read by journalists only [and their clandestine NSA minders], and responses are confidential unless journalists are told that they may publish them.
MODERATOR: Joanne Griffith: writer, journalist, host of weekly show "The Archives" on BBC Radio 5 Live - @globaljourno 
Roxane Gay: writer, professor, contributor to Salon, Buzzfeed, New York Times Book Review; author of forthcoming Untamed State and Bad Feminist. - @rgay
Kristina Wong: internationally presented solo performer, writer, cultural commentator; shows include "Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," "Going Green the Wong Way," "Wong Street Journal" (premiering in 2015). - @mskristinawong
Mona Ebrahim: multimedia professional, designer, writer; author of 101 Reasons Why I’m Glad I Wear Hijab
RISE until March 21, 2014
Lindsey Horvath: Vice President of Communication, NationBuilder; Former West Hollywood City Councilmember (2009-2011); women’s empowerment and anti-violence advocate - @LindseyPHorvath
Wendy Carrillo: journalist, POWER 106 FM "Knowledge is Power" host, politics and culture commentator - @wendycarrillo
  • The Crawford Family Forum
  • 474 S. Raymond Ave., Pasadena, CA 91105
  • Admission FREE, RSVP required
  • Thursday night, March 27, 2014
  • 6:30 pm door, 7:00 pm program
Int'l Women's Day L.A., downtown MacArthur Park (

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