Thursday, March 20, 2014

God kills anti-gay Westboro Baptist preacher

I. Rony, Wisdom Quarterly (EDITORIAL); via the Los Angeles Times (
People-hating, gay-bashing, God-fearing Westboro Church members (
The New Hate
It is a sad day in West Hollywood as news arrives that the tribal god of the Judeo-Christians has struck down yet another wayward minister/sinner who preached hate instead of love, prejudice instead of tolerance, bias instead of forbearance. Yea, know ye that the "wages of sin is death" (i.e., that the god will kill you if you stray). Fred Phelps, Esq. leaves us this day for a grander vision of karma (vipaka) in the hereafter than we are yet privy to see. For, lo, he preached invective and damnation on his walk with the lord from on high, frequently stating that "God Hates F*gs" and "Obey or Perish" without a trace of irony. 

Wah! I take it back! I take it back!!
Have we anything to learn from his example, or shall we too stray in the fields of the lord disregarding the good news that we are capable and responsible for the decisions that lead inevitably to our actions (karma)? May he rest in peace and find renewal of spirit, not wrestling as those he condemned in life, but in the fullness of the mercy he now seeks. Aum'n. [In all seriousness, we hope he's okay, for to hate a hater is a great mistake.] See the full story.

"As it turns out, God actually hates small-minded, bigoted, blind fanatics..."

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